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Prince Amukamara's combine could change Rams' draft

  Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara is reportedly going to perform all the drills at the combine later this month.  No, the Rams aren't likely to draft him, though it would make for some easy PR (Prince Amukamara and King Sam - St. Louis' Royal Flush...).  Nevertheless, he, and his combine, could have a notable effect on the Rams' draft.  How?

  By most accounts, Prince is a top 10 pick right now.  CBS' Rob Rang, who reported the linked story above, has him going 11th.  Should Amukamara have a poor showing at the combine, it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility that he could slide behind the Rams to the late teens.  Should that happen, it's not likely that a corner would be in play after LSU's Patrick Peterson as both Colorado's Jimmy Smith and Miami's Brandon Harris could be too much of a stretch by the time the draft comes around.  So if not a corner, then what?  A defensive lineman?  Outside linebacking help?  A wide receiving threat?  I'm sure the Rams wouldn't mind if they had all drafting options available at 14.

  Just like Andrew Luck going back to school, a bad combine from Amukamara shrinks the pool for the front office.  He may not be a Ram in 2011, but he might have an impact on whoever we do pick on day 1.