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Recapping a month of prospect all-star games

Cal Defensive lineman Cameron Jordan was one of the biggest winners through a month of NFL prospect all-star games.
Cal Defensive lineman Cameron Jordan was one of the biggest winners through a month of NFL prospect all-star games.

The prospect all-star games have been given over to history for the year, generating more than enough talk and speculation to spark a pre-Combine feeding frenzy. Mock drafts have been shaken to their core. Stock reports are changing faster than even Jim Kramer can imagine. All clowning aside, there are more than a few players who could easily be part of the St. Louis Rams next season, so let's analyze. 

3k mentioned Cameron Jordan earlier today, after a couple 2011 mock drafts had the Rams picking the Cal standout with the 14th overall pick. No player came away from the Senior Bowl with a bigger jump in his draft stock. Here's what Wes Bunting said about Jordan today:

He showcased a good first step for his size, is violent and savvy with his length/hands and has a motor that runs non-stop. Add that in with his versatility to play both inside and out, and you have a guy who isn't going to last long come draft day.

Also from Bunting's report, if you haven't picked up on Baylor OG Danny Watkins (well, you haven't been reading TST), then you need to know his name. Rams fans will be interested to know that he was Jason Smith's replacement at LT after Smith was drafted in 2009. He's moved inside guard and has dominated. If the Rams are looking to trade down in the first round, Watkins is a potential target. 

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Bunting also notes UCLA DT David Carter. He could be a nice mid-round three technique tackle for teams, like the Rams, in market for such a player. 

The NFLPA Game got lost in the Super Bowl shuffle (pun slash meta reference intended), so the prospect recaps are coming today. NFL Draft Bible has the dirty lowdown on the week's winners for the Texas vs. the Nation showdown. Here's the report for the Nation squad and here's the report for the Texas squad

Notable among the Nation team was Miami RB Damien Berry, who had a 72-yard TD run in the game and showed his speed and the ability to change directions this week. 

A couple receivers get mentions on the Texas squad. Here's the report on Fort Valley State WR Ricardo Lockette:

His size, speed and body control make him a big-play option both in traffic and in the red long as maintains his focus in securing passes that are thrown his way. Lockette may not be the most refined route runner, but the raw skills, explosive speed and body control to elevate on high balls are all there.

Lots to digest. You'd better start brushing up on all things 2011 NFL Draft, because it's going to be here soon and I suspect we'll be talking about just a little bit here at TST.