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Odds for the Rams to win the next Super Bowl

It's never too early to place your bets on the next Super Bowl. Of course, if you're looking for a safe bet, you might want to bet that there won't be one next year.

At any rate, the St. Louis Rams currently have 40/1 odds on winning it all next year.

Those are the same odds for the 49ers and much better than Seattle (80/) and Arizona (75/1).

Not bad odds when you think about just how stacked against the Rams they were in the past. Might as well lay a ten spot on it while you've got a little extra jack from winning that squares thing yesterday.

The scheduling gods didn't make things any easier for the Rams either. Next season they play both Super Bowl entrants. Tough schedule, fine; it makes winning that much sweeter, especially if you hit on those 40/1 odds.