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Super Bowl Commercials 2011: Enough to move the economy again?

Another Super Bowl is in the books. Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers for their impressive win, and congrats to the Pittsburgh Steelers for taking it that far. It was a damn good game, fitting since it might be the last NFL game we see in a long, long time.

I'll be anxious to hear what kind of ratings it got in comparison to previous years. Remember, this has been a year where the conference championship games, the week 17 prime time game between the St. Louis Rams and Seattle Seahaws and even the Pro Bowl have scored record ratings. Remind me why we need a lockout again?

I enjoyed the ads this year as well. No ad seemed to still as much love it or hate it debate as Eminem's Chrysler "this is Detroit" advertisement. As far as a favorite, the Doritos one was pretty good, and even though I hate the ads, I did find myself going to the GoDaddy site...such is the life of a married man. Anyone else notice that the NFL nostalgic TV characters promo they had Alf in a Panthers shirt...despite the fact that the Panthers didn't even exist when Alf was on the air? I point this out as a football fan rather than an Alf fan. Lots more video and breakdown of the ads over here.

Which ad was your favorite?

You can see all of the Super Bowl commercials over on YouTube's adblitz channel. Let's hope all those advertising dollars can get the NFL and the NFLPA talking more earnestly and, more importantly, get the economy moving again.