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Meetings Accelerating - Hope For Football in 2011

In a Dallas hotel, the NFL met with the NFLPA for two hours this afternoon, giving us all hope that there will be football in 2011.

A joint statement was released which stated they, "plan to increase the number, length and intensity" of bargaining sessions so they can perhaps reach an  agreement before the CBA expires March 4.They have also scheduled two sessions to be held next week at an undisclosed location.

Saturday's session was considered a, "continuing effort to narrow the differences and reach a fair agreement that will benefit the players, teams and fans." There has been no indication that any progress (if any) was made.

This sounds like serious hope amid all of the negative news we've recently been hearing. Perhaps the NFLPA threats of holding out draft players from participating in workouts shook up the league a bit.

Either way, I for one am elated to at least hear about the two sides talking and would love to see all of this settled before March 4th, allowing trades to become a major part of the draft.

Also, so many other lives would be affected by a lockout (food vendors, manufacturers of supplies and memorabilia, assistant coaches), an agreement would be great to have because of that as well.

You can read the full details here.

Or watch the video below.