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Only known tape of the first Super Bowl surfaces

Ok, this isn't necessarily related to the St. Louis Rams, but I'm posting about it because it's damn cool anyway.

The very first Super Bowl was broadcast on CBS in 1967, a legendary game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers. Coached by Vince Lombardi, Green Bay won a lopsided 35-10 victory. It's difficult ti imagine this today, but until recently nothing more than clips from the game existed, no complete tape could be found. Not even the networks or the NFL kept a copy of it.

A pop culture lost treasure.

Then someone started to do a little digging. An unnamed man whose father worked at a TV station in Scranton, PA in 1967 found an old video tape of the game that his father had recorded. It was in an attic, naturally. In 2005, the tape's owner showed up with the tape in a shopping bag at an archival service to see about getting it restored, thinking it would be of value to fans and the public. It's estimated to be worth at least $1 million.

The broadcast features everything, right down to the commercials which include spots for McDonalds and Muriel Cigars. I doubt too many folks around these parts remember when tobacco companies could still advertise on TV.

The Wall Street Journal has clips from the video on their site.

Right now, the tape is still owned by the gentleman who found it in his attic. He approached the NFL in 2005, and the league offered him $30,000 for the tape...which doesn't sound at all like something the NFL would do. The guy would like to sell the tapes so that they can be enjoyed by football fans and pop culture aficionados alike, but the legal issues are still being worked out.

Be sure to go read the full story and watch the clips, which include a rare shot of Vince Lombardi smiling.