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NFLPA Game open thread & more draft talk

Lockout or not, the 2011 NFL Draft will happen, even if the potential draftees skip the event in protest. In any event, draft talk is heating up and the Super Bowl isn't even over yet. 

Lots of draft talk to digest this morning, so let's skip the chit chat and jump right in. Just under three months until the next wave of talent joins the St. Louis Rams. 

Ok, since I mentioned the lockout, there's already talk about how that could impact which players get picked where. Some wonder if players who are considered more of a project, which includes a couple big name QBs like Blain Gabbert and Jake Locker.

Have you got your big board all fixed? If not, Walter Football built a consensus big board using player rankings from some of the biggest names in draft prognostication. Georgia WR A.J. Green is #3 while Alabama's Julio Jones is #10. 

JBScouting, the source for small school prospect info, has a look some of the players from the Eastham Energy Game. 

The NFLPA Game is today, and several prospects have turned heads this week. One name getting some hype is Miami RB Damien Berry. Here's a run down on the game from the NCAA. Kick off is at noon Central from San Antonio today. It's being broadcast on CBS College Sports channel...does anyone actually get that channel? It doesn't look like they offer it online, and other means of watching it online have recently experienced some, um, changes.