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Faulk the Rams' ticket to Super Bowl XXXIV

Sam Bradford isn't the only St. Louis Ram who might be honored as part of the Super Bowl festivities this week. Rams great Marshall Faulk is in North Texas this week as a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This year's class of inductees will be announced on Saturday. 

As you recall, the Rams traded for Faulk in the spring of 1999. Suffice it to say that the championship season wouldn't have been possible without him. 

The PD has a great series of articles on Faulk. One recounts the trade that brought Faulk to St. Louis. The most interesting part of that is that it reveals the front office, inside baseball horse trading that happened. It's also a reminder that with Dick Vermeil driving the team's direction, the franchise was able to be successful in spite of John Shaw and Jay Zygmunt. It was Vermeil that made the trade happen

Today, Jim Thomas has a lengthy profile of Faulk, recounting how he went from a running back who didn't want to catch passes to the greatest dual threat of all time. All. Time. 

This site might have been here in some form or the other without Faulk and the Greatest Show Rams. It wouldn't have been me running it though (maybe it would be better?). I was one of those dejected St. Louis football fans who was skeptical of the Rams. It was Faulk and Warner and Holt and Bruce and all the others that made 1999 such a special season...made me a fan...even carried us through the bad times.

Here's to Marshall Faulk and the next generation of Rams greats we're now seeing.