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Checking in with the NFLPA Game prospects

The NFLPA isn't just playing its part in the NFL's labor war this week, the organization is also sponsoring a 2011 draft prospects all-star game, which we've mentioned on more than one occasion here. 

If you're looking for instant super stars and first round picks in San Antonio, you won't find any. However, there are plenty of talented players on both rosters for the NFLPA Game, names that could easily find their way onto the St. Louis Rams' draft board this spring. Let's take a look.

Chad Reuter at NFL Draft Scout take a guess at which rounds some of the NFLPA Game players might get picked in the draft this year. At the top, he's got a couple of defensive tackles in the second round, but the names most suited to the Rams draft board are a little lower. Mizzou C Tim Barnes is a potential fourth round pick. In the sixth round are a couple of talented CB prospects, Ryan Jones and Josh Gatlin, both of whom we mentioned yesterday. In his seventh round list is Arkansas tackle turned guard Ray Dominquez, who Reuter calls a "road grader."

Wes Bunting has his list of risers and fallers from the NFLPA Game over at the National Football Post. 

He mentions Hampton DT Kendrick Ellis in his list of risers, nothing that he can play in a 3-4 or 4-3. Mostly, he's been lumped in there as a 3-4 NT and this is the first time I've seen anyone make a direct reference to him in a 4-man front. However, Bunting notes character concerns and that he seemed disinterested in practice a little bit yesterday.