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Combine snubs include some interesting prospects

What premier event would be complete without a list of people snubbed? It's the second most important group of people, after the invitees of course. The 2011 NFL Combine is no different than an Oscar after-party, every year a handful of notables get left off the guest list. And just like some red carpet events, if a player's name isn't on the Combine invite list it could be detrimental to a career. 

Small school prospects getting the shaft is no surprise, though the Combine usually does feature a fair number of players from those schools. Then again, a fair number of BCS school players got left off the list too. Let's take a look at this year's list of snubs.

Josh Buchanan's Scouting has the small school players covered, and it's a must read site for any serious draftnik. 

One name on his list that might be familiar to you in the wake of the Shrine Game and the Senior Bowl is South Alabama WR Courtney Smith. Smith had a terrible week in Mobile, but given his natural athletic ability he's exactly the kind of player who could make a big impression at the Combine. 

He also includes Northwest Missouri State CB Ryan Jones, who we mentioned this morning. Jones had a big day in practice for the NFLPA Game yesterday, impressing some of the scouting world's biggest names. 

Chad Reuter has a list of big school players that got overlooked by the Combine, including Mitch Mustain who might not be considered a snub at all at this point. One player of note on his list is Missouri C Tim Barnes. I asked Reuter about Barnes on Twitter yesterday, specifically whether or not his skills would translate to guard, and he responded that it was possible. A middle lineman who is good in run and pass blocking should not be overlooked. 

Also on Reuter's list, David Carter, a defensive tackle from UCLA, Auburn LB Josh Bynes and Stanford LB Thomas Keiser

I'm sure we'll hear of more snubs to come. Maybe some of these guys will get a ticket to Indy as players start dropping out with injuries, etc.