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NFLPA: Not so fast with those franchise tags

Over the last two days reports have surfaced high profile potential free agents that are likely to be get hit with the franchise tag (or transition tag) from their current teams. That's not unusual. This time of year is filled reports of front offices making a move to retain their best players. Logan Mankins and Sidney Rice are classic examples of the kinds of talented, building block players that get "tagged." 

All of these reports have been contingent upon the NFL telling teams that they can start using the franchise tag on Feb. 10, regardless of the CBA situation. Now, the NFLPA is telling agents, players and everyone else that teams have to keep the tags in their pockets. 

In a memo sent to all certified agents, the NFLPA said that teams cannot use the franchise tag because the 2011 season is not covered by the agreement. Which does make sense, since their is no agreement in place for 2011. 

He said; she said...

Who knows what will happen now. I suspect teams may try to use the tags, even as the union vows to fight the franchise designation. That will leave the players who do receive a tag in limbo, along with everyone else. 

Anyone else out there ready just ready to resume football as we know it?