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Ndamukong Suh named Pepsi Rookie of the Year

The Pepsi Rookie of the Year award went to Lions DT Ndamukong Suh

He beat out St. Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford for the league's unofficial ROY award, voted on by the fans. 

When will people learn...democracy doesn't work. Just kidding. 

It's hard to deny that Suh had a huge impact on the Lions this season and that he's a one of a kind talent. The defensive tackles in the 2011 NFL Draft just don't compare. 

However, Bradford made a pretty big impact with the Rams this season too. Maybe I'm just biased, but it seems unlikely that 7-9 would have been possible without him. Bradford set records for passes attempted and completed by a rookie. His 60 percent completion rate is the fourth highest among all rookie QBs who started 10 games or more. And his 3,512 passing yards are the third most for a rookie. He 18 TDs tie him for the fifth most by a rookie.