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Nothing will stop Sam Bradford from practicing

Lockout or not, St. Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford intends to keep on practicing through the offseason. Whether those practices are a formal affair at Rams Park or a back yard arrangement in Oklahoma is up to the suits at the bargaining table. 

Bradford told ESPN's Mike Sando today that he plans to get some time with his receivers in the near future to start prepping to meet next year's big expectations. 

If there is a lockout, I would imagine me and our wide receivers will have to get together somewhere, whether it be in Oklahoma or somewhere warmer where we can throw outside. This offseason, it is too important for us not to get together and work out.

Bradford will meet with the Rams new offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels on Tuesday, the first time the two have met face-to-face since the Rams hired McDaniels. 

In the interview with Sando, Bradford also discusses changing offensive schemes for next season. Needless to say, he's optimistic about it. 

Sam Bradford, buzz cut and all, is already thinking about his offseason work, including how to get around a potential lockout...this is why we love the guy.