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2011 NFL Combine: Defensive linemen continue to impress

This is turning into the year for defensive linemen. Already, today's workouts are highlighting a class that was already considered pretty impressive, something St. Louis Rams GM Billy Devaney noted in his Friday presser at the Combine. 

Texas DE Sam Acho might have more teams looking at him as a 3-4 OLB with a 4.63 forty time. Cal's Cameron Jordan might have been the most impressive athlete of the day. Purdue DE Ryan Kerrigan posted 4.6-4.7 forty times today.

DT Marvin Austin is rehabbing his image as well, reminding teams why he was considered a top 20 pick last year. If he can assure teams that his past is past in his interviews it just might guarantee a spot in the first round. DT Stephen Paea, already noted for his strength at the point of attack, set a record on the bench press yesterday. 

(Lots more on Austin from MTD)

Paea, Kerrigan and Acho have been linked to the Rams by various mock drafters, and Acho told us at the Combine that the Rams were one of four teams he'd met with so far. Clearly, they won't be the last. 

The defensive linemen were impressive through the interview process, I can personally attest. They're even more impressive with the workouts.

It'll be interesting to see how opinions start to stack up about the first round players. If this incredible group of defensive linemen attract enough teams in picks 1-13, it could make Julio Jones available with the Rams' 14th pick. Maybe. If not, it at least leaves the Rams with the opportunity to take a solid DL prospect, and possibly even an attractive enough of a spot to do some horse trading with other DL-loving teams. 

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Here's Ryan Kerrigan on video and Iowa DE Adrian Clayborn on his playing