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2011 NFL Combine: Julio Jones, play fast, don't hurry

The NFL pulled some of the crowd away from the Cam Newton show by bringing out Julio Jones to answer questions.

Jones was no Cam Newton on the podium, but he didn't shy away from questions either. When I asked him what he's done to work on his hands he gave a simple explanation, "I learned to play fast but not hurry." 

He then went on to explain how Nick Saban and the Alabama coaching staff helped him work on that, slowing down the game in his head without compromising his incredible athleticism on the field. 

What might endear Jones most all to St. Louis Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo was his citation of Ray Lewis. Why Lewis? Because of Lewis' intensity and the way he hits. Jones, it turns out, relishes the opportunity to hit a defender as much as he does a 30-yard breakaway. 

"I love to hit defenders...take them out of their comfort zone." 

A few conversations I've had today have strongly reaffirmed my belief that the Rams should take Jones over anyone else, if (a big if) he's available with the 14th pick. I'll have more on that later.