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Giants GM Reese on Cofield and Kiwanuka

Through free agency is still a void this year, we have mention Giants free agent defensive linemen Barry Cofield and Mathias Kiwanuka. Obviously, Spagnuolo's trend of bringing Giants' free agents to the St. Louis Rams. I just left a press conference with Giants GM Jerome Reese where myself and other reporters asked about both pending free agents. 

As for their plans with Cofield, they have an interest in bringing him back, and plan to take a wait and see approach. That's all he said about it. Very matter of fact, well seasoned by the NYC media market.

As far as Kiwanuka, Reese's comments mostly focused on his medical situation. He noted that his neck injury was very serious. Asked about his status Reese noted that Kiwi was "getting good reports." However, he was pretty forthcoming that Kiwanuka's future was in doubt.