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2011 NFL Combine: Steven Jackson looms large in the minds of young running backs

Oregon State running back Jacquizz Rodgers has generated plenty of interest from NFL teams. He's one of the better scatback types available in the draft this year, and looks like a third round pick. 

Rodgers has had the chance to talk to St. Louis Rams running back and Oregon State alum Steven Jackson a few times over the course of his college career. 

He came to a couple of games, so we had a conversation. We know each other.

Asked by the Post-Dispatch's Jim Thomas about being paired up with SJ39, Rodgers smiled and said:

That would be good, a back that I can complement since he's a bigger back. 

Rodgers wasn't the only running back to mention Jackson today. Illinois RB and potential first round pick Mikel LeShoure compared himself to Jackson today. Like Jackson, LeShoure is one of a just a few running backs who can "do it all" in the NFL.