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2011 NFL Combine: Devaney reveals little about Rams' draft plans, or does he?

If you were looking for some insight into the St. Louis Rams plans for the 2011 NFL Draft from GM Billy Devaney, you'll be sorely disappointed in his remarks at the 2011 NFL Combine this morning. His most notable comment on this year's draft was his relief at not picking first overall this year. 

All of this isn't to say that Devaney didn't reveal any of his thinking about the draft. Asked about the class of defensive linemen available in the 2011 NFL Draft, his eyes widened and he made note of an exceptional group of defensive linemen available. 

I think outside guys, it's shaping up as defensive looks like it's really deep. In fact, it looks like it's deep in 3-4 ends; we're a 4-3 team and we think that there's some really quality depth as pass rushers at defensive end...that goes into the second round. We're excited about that.

He noted that it wasn't as deep for inside guys, defensive tackles. 

As for wide receivers, Devaney noted that he was committed to finding weapons for Sam Bradford. He was also quick to note that finding receivers, etc. wasn't the Rams only task this offseason. 

If it winds up we take a pass rusher with the first pick, a DB with the second pick, I guarantee you, Bradford would be the biggest one cheering on Sunday if our defense is playing really, really good. So, I'm saying it's huge [finding playmakers] but there are other parts of the team as well.

Hmm, maybe Devaney did reveal a little more about the Rams' draft thinking than he thought. Remember on Tuesday when Devaney revealed that there is one defensive back possibly available in the second round had him "drooling." ow much should you read into Devaney's comments? Probably not much. Picking where the Rams are picking means their draft picks are subject to the plans and whims of the teams picking in front of them, making it a truly best available player type thing. Nevertheless, it's hard not to think that the Rams haven't put a possible second round DB into their draft plans...that's two mentions in one week from the GM.