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Rams' Devaney on Wainwright: "I'm in mourning"

St. Louis Rams GM Billy Devaney walked into the his Combine presser today wearing a St. Louis Cardinals shirt.

Jim Thomas from the Post-Dispatch jokingly asked if the shirt was his homage to Adam Wainwright, the Cardinals' Cy Young candidate now bound for Tommy John surgery and the bench for an entire season. Devaney's response: 

I'm in mourning. That was a dagger. 

Since injuries are a familiar subject for the St. Louis Rams, I followed up by asking if he had any advice for the Cardinals on dealing with injuries. The GM responded:

Are you kidding? We've got our own problems.

Yes, I realize this is only tangentially related to the Rams, but we'd be an irresponsible STL sports site if we didn't note Devaney's comments on the Cardinals. The Redbirds usually own the spotlight in "Baseball Heaven" but with the icy dealings with Albert Pujols and their best pitcher on the shelf, the up and coming Rams have a chance to finally share in the spotlight.