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Combine prep: Random Ramsdom, 2/24

Rodney Hudson Florida State Seminoles is a player to watch at the Combine this week.
Rodney Hudson Florida State Seminoles is a player to watch at the Combine this week.

TST is off to the Combine today. Remember, if there are players you want to know more about or questions for coaches and staff with the St. Louis Rams, drop them in the comments. 

Here's a few links to get your day started right.

NFL Draft/Pre-Combine Insider Report
Draft Insider rounds takes a look at the pre-Combine scuttlebutt on a few prospects. He says that Iowa DE Adrian Clayborn is running a 4.6 forty. Kansas State RB Daniel Thomas may not run at all this week.

The 7 Round Official MTD Live Draft signup sheet. - Mocking The Draft
Mocking the Draft is hosting a 7-round live draft next month and needs team reps to do the drafting. Fellow TSTer dbcouver is heading it up, so you draftniks need to get over there and get signed up.

Ricardo Lockett: "A 4.3 Forty Would Be Bad" | NFL Insider - Insider info
Fort Valley State WR Ricardo Lockette figures to put himself on the radar this week with a speedy debut onto the national stage. If he considers a 4.3 forty to be bad, a good time will definitely get him noticed. The hard part isn't getting noticed, it's staying relevant.

Rodney Hudson plays with a 'nasty streak'
Rodney Hudson from Florida State is an interesting player watch this week. Though he weighs less than 300 lbs, he's considered one of the three best guards available in the draft. The key to Hudson's success is that he plays like a 315 pounder, using his strong lower body to get great leverage and explodes into defenders moving them off the line.

Fastest 40 in the west?
Rob Rang takes a position by position look at which player will be the fastest this week at the Combine. As you would expect, the fastest guy isn't always the best.

Inside draft position: 10 key combine battles
It's about using the combine to gain separation from rivals for draft position. Chad Reuter looks at 10 key battles for draft position. Of interest to the Rams, Julio Jones vs A.J. Green, a gaggle of scatbacks and safeties.

Five safeties to watch at the combine
Even more safeties to keep your eye on. Does one of these players have Devaney drooling?