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Atogwe glad to see someone getting a long-term deal

After much speculation about what would happen between the Denver Broncos and Champ Bailey, they finally re-signed him to long-term deal that essentially allows him to wrap up his career in Denver. It was a hefty contract of four-year worth up to $47 million with $22 million guaranteed. Of course, Bailey is one of the best.

The St. Louis Rams likely won't be paying Oshiomogho Atogwe that kind of money, even if they do re-sign him. No team will. Still, Atogwe's situation with contracts and free agency over the years has to have been incredibly frustrating. He got the franchise tag in 2009. Scheduled to be a free agent last year, the lapsed CBA left him in purgatory as a restricted free agent. It should have been the year, the prime of his career, that Atogwe got big free agent dollars. Instead, the Rams re-signed him to a wacky deal that included a poison pill in its second year. That $11 million poison pill got Atogwe cut. 

Think it's all a little bittersweet for Atogwe? It's got to be. Check out what he had to say on Twitter today:

Hopefully, Atogwe re-signs with the Rams. Even if he doesn't, I hope he gets a fair deal based on a quiet but impressive career so far.