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TST live from the Combine

The Combine starts tomorrow, launching what promises to be the biggest frenzy yet around the potential draft picks and the teams who'll be drafting them. 

Before we chatter about potential St. Louis Rams draft picks, I need your help. I'm heading to the Combine tomorrow, covering it for TST and SBNation. Besides just watching the workouts, there real meat and potatoes of the event is the chance to talk to 2011 draft prospects and coaches and front office people from the Rams and other teams.

I want to know who you, the fans, want to know more about. Which players, besides the obvious, should I talk to? What should I ask them? What kinds of things would you like to more about with regards to those players? Open up, pour forth your thoughts in the comments, on TwitterFacebook or e-mail. I'm in Indy this week for you. 

Expect plenty of posts on the site from the Combine. I plan on dropping info in the mornings and evenings and there's even been talk of a very special edition of Turf Show Radio. The bulk of my days will be spent in interviews and watching the workouts, etc. During that time, I'll be all over Twitter, taking questions, sharing info and hopefully dropping the interesting tidbits that will turn into something more than 140 characters. If you aren't following TST on Twitter be sure to do so ASAP!

Thanks to everyone for making this site great. I hope that everyone at least gets a little something about the players they want to know more about this week.