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O.J. Atogwe completes visit with Redskins without offer

  Jim Thomas, micro-reporter and chatter from the Post-Dispatch, has reported recently released FS O.J. Atogwe departed the capital without being offered a contract.  For those hoping the Rams bring Togs back, this is a case of "no news is good news."

  Still, there are plenty of other potential suitors out there to consider before assuming this means Oshiomogho is on his way back to St. Louis.  The Redskins though, who have a history of overpaying free agents, apparently took a pass on this one.

  I'll try to stay on top of this, but it's going to be tough with combine and draft stuff heating up.  Van's on his way to Indianapolis to take on the combine in person; early reports suggest he could run his 40 in the 7.3 range.  Stay tuned.

(Update from 3k at 4:05pm ET)

Never has a tweeted ellipse meant so much: