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Beavers to see at the Combine

Several Beavers will be on display this week at the Combine, with varying levels of exposure for each one. Fans and draftniks will be eager to see these Beavers. The St. Louis Rams would be wise to keep an eye on all three of these Beavers since each one potentially fills a big need. 

Oregon State DT Stephen Paea is one Beaver that's already been linked to the Rams through various mock drafts. Last week there was some discussion as to whether Paea or Illinois DT Corey Liuget would be a better fit for the Rams' needs, both players could be potential first round picks for the Rams. Paea tore his MCL during the first day of workouts at the Senior Bowl. He will be limited at the Combine to the bench press, interviews and, for him, the all-important medical examination. He still hopes to run at a Pro Day event or some other arrangement prior to the draft. 

It was revealed today that RB Jacquizz Rogers received a second to third round grade from the NFL Draft Advisory Committee. That's significant because one knock on Rogers was that he left school a year early. It's also significant because Rogers is one of several "scatback" types who could be available between rounds 3-5, or earlier if some team falls in love with his Combine workout. Size matters most for this Beaver, and his critics say he's too small for the NFL at 5'7" 200 lbs. 

The Beavers' center Alex Linnenkohl played guard at the Senior Bowl. Depending on how they judge his ability to play guard, he could be of interest to the Rams who need to a better backup interior linemen, preferably ones who could start at some point. He'll need to show teams he has enough power to hold off NFL defensive tackles.