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Franchise Exchange: Vikings place tag on Greenway

It appears the Vikings won't be using the franchise tag on Sidney Rice (or the transition tag either) after all, as they decided to franchise LB Chad Greenway instead, as Jason La Canfora reports. Both players were talked about here at TST, as they were free agent options for some of the softer positions the Rams have.

I'm no draft expert, but it seems like finding a suitable 4-3 OLB starter in this draft will be a bit tougher then finding a WR who can join the huge rotation the Rams currently have (do I need to list off the names?). There are still some options in free agency for OLB's, but none seemed as impressive as Chad Greenway.

It's a big if, but if free agency actually happens, I'm not sure if the Vikings will be willing to drop another huge chunk of change for Sidney Rice having already paid Greenway nearly 10 million dollars (unless they can get Greenway to sign a long term deal, which is always a possibility). Hopefully the Rams will have there options for both positions come March 4th. If March 4th is actually the start of free agency.