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Atogwe Getting Interest - Meeting With Redskins (& Maybe Bills)

Well, when the Rams released Atogwe late last week, you could hear many grumbles from Rams fans... but now, if you're one of the many in the "O.J. camp", you may be grumbling even louder.

According to reports, O.J. Atogwe is scheduled to visit with the Washington Redskins today. There are ties with Jim Haslett (Skins Defensive Coordinator), so one would assume this is a serious meeting, especially given how fast the Redskins contacted him.

Just how serious? Listen to Atogwe:

"My agent has been talking to a few teams and we have discussed the possibility of going to different places. I'll meet with them (Redskins) and see what's up."

I'll tell you whats up, obviously Haslett feels Atogwe has a lot left in the tank, and would love to see him in a red uni next season. Atogwe is not only extremely familiar with Haslett's defensive system and schemes, but flourished in it as well, having one of his best seasons.

The Redskins are a real threat to snag Atogwe, and appear to have not wasted any time in trying to do so.

The Redskins aren't the only team to show interest either... there are reports the Bills are also interested in Atogwe's services, although there is no speculation as to how serious they are. Atogwe said "a few" so are there more teams interested? Who knows.

There's no question that teams like the Redskins and Bills could seriously shore up questionable secondaries fast with the likes of Atogwe, provided he still has a lot left to give, which many feel he does. The question is, is Atogwe serious about leaving St Louis, or is this just part of the cat and mouse game to increase revenue?

Atogwe also stated:

"At the end of the day, I'll make the decision that I believe I'm led to make and be in the place where I'm supposed to be. That doesn't count the Rams out and it doesn't count any team out. It gives me an opportunity to evaluate my current situation while giving me the option to go where I believe I'm supposed to go."

Given the statement, It might be a little of both. You can't blame O.J. for trying to get as much as he can, after all, the Rams have proven this is a business by not paying the $8mil bonus and releasing him. Atogwe isn't getting any younger, and this could be his last big payday.

At this point I'm not too sure how to feel as Devaney and Spagnuolo seem to have a knack for releasing players who have gone beyond peaking. IF the release was just to avoid the bonus and "hopefully" resign him, I'm sure these guys may be kicking themselves right now.

We'll know soon enough as to whether this was a big mistake or a brilliant move. Sounds like SJAX is in the O.J. camp.. no question he would be missed.

Stay tuned...