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Rams interested in Bob Sanders?

Are the St. Louis Rams interested in Bob Sanders, the oft-injured safety dumped by the Colts this week? The Sporting News is citing "reports" that the Rams "could have" interest in Sanders. It's important to note that they don't link to any said "reports" or even use the timeless "sources" to reference it.

Sanders is strictly a value pick. Teams looking for a help on the cheap can take a chance on a guy with big talent but a penchant for injuries. Ok, maybe injury-prone is conjecture; he has played in 9 games since 2007. Not a bad get for a team like the Rams who could use some depth at safety. Not an answer per se. 

While I understand the decision to release Oshiomogho Atogwe with an $8 million bonus coming, I wouldn't be comfortable with Sanders as his replacement. Not with his injury history. Bird in the hand and all that.