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Predicting Sam Bradford's future endorsement deals

Some NFL stars will endorse anything, cars, candy, name it. St. Louis Rams rookie QB Sam Bradford got his start as a pitch man after his rookie season when he signed on to endorse a hair product for AXE

Regardless of what you think about the soon-to-be rookie of the year's buzz cut, you have to like his stance on endorsements last year: he avoided them. In Dallas for the Super Bowl festivities and the ROY award presentation this week, Bradford told the PD that he swore off advertising last year, not wanting to distract from his work leading the Rams to their first season of more than three wins since 2006. 

Based on how well he played this year, it's easy to assume that hair products are just a starting point for his sales work. Big time quarterbacks don't have to pitch local used car dealers either.

Let's throw this out for a more, um, in-depth discussion. What kinds of products should Sam Bradford be looking to pitch, besides ping pong tables? Bonus points if you employ your Photoshop skills, which would naturally be featured on the front page.