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2011 Scouting Combine: 329 players invited to the event

This whole Christmas in February thing rolls along, the gift of prospects as we gear up for the 2011 NFL Draft. Last night the NFL released the names of 329 players who have been invited to the 2011 Scouting Combine. 

Here's the list of players invited to the event. What will happen now is we'll see which players actually make it, which ones can't work out (like maybe Cameron Heyward), etc. Of course, you can make the argument that draft stock can recover just fine for players who don't workout at the Combine, see Sam Bradford

Needless to say, draft hype kicks into warp speed at the Combine. As much attention as these prospect all-star games are getting now, the Combine is the one event that can really change draft stock, think Vernon Gholston. Kind of significant for players spending a few days exercising in their underwear. 

TST is tentatively planning to attend this year's Combine. SBN has put in for our press credentials, but the NFL only gives them so many. Hopefully we're on the list. If not, we'll have connections on the ground in Indianapolis giving us all the download. 

The 2011 Combine runs from Feb. 23 through March 1.