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Rams raising ticket prices

It's going to cost a little more to see the St. Louis Rams play at the Ed Jones Dome this year, if there is a season. The Rams are raising ticket prices for the first time in four years. Tickets in all but the upper level seating areas will cost between $4 and $7 more than they did last year. Up top, the cheap seats will still be $25. 

I'll have to give the Rams credit for not raising prices when the product on the field didn't merit it. Now, with things on the rebound and some more talent on the roster they have a better case for asking for more money...and $4-7 worth of additional pressure to win games this year.

In other team news, talks continue between the Rams and Missouri S&T in Rolla as the team considers that location for its training camp. Spagnuolo wants to get a little further away from the city for bonding, focus, etc. It's not an uncommon practice for teams to do. The Rams trained in Mequon, WI at Concordia University in the 2008 season. 

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