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The Rams release FS O.J. Atogwe

  So far, it's just an early word from the P-D's Jim Thomas, but given his platform, it's enough to trust:


  Add another need to the board.  More analysis to come.

[Note by VanRam, 02/18/11 5:16 PM EST ] Nobody outside of Rams Park saw this coming. Obviously, they didn't want to pay the $8 million bonus that he was due on Monday, Feb. 21. After the season he had last year and a market where Erik Coleman already has a deal, you can bet suitors will be lining up for his services. 

There had been some intimations of working out a new deal, and until we know more about this situation you have to assume that's still an option. After all, remember the Kabuki the Rams went through with Atogwe last year. They'd better act fast though. Another team may not want to pay him $8 million, but they'll pay him. 

I hope the Rams have a plan here. The defense was much improved this year, in no small part thanks to Atogwe. Nevertheless, this isn't a team that can afford to create major holes in a roster that still needs lots of work. Disconcerting to say the least

[Note by 3k, 02/18/11 6:49 PM EST ] If you're hoping that interest for O.J. across the league might be weak enough for us to re-sign him, guess again.  Just take the Chargers.  Over at Bolts from the Blue, they've got a poll that lists five combinations of safety pairs, only one of which includes Togs.  As of right now, 2/3 of all voters are pulling for Atogwe.