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Colts release Bob Sanders - should the Rams make a play?

  The Colts released S Bob Sanders today, and the early speculation is that it was a money move.  He was in line for $5.5m this year and $7m in 2012.

  Sanders would be able to sign with any team due to his veteran status, but the question is who wants to pay for his injuries.  Sanders has played all of 10 games in the last three years, and just three games in the last two years.  In fact, Sanders has played in less than 43% of all NFL regular season games since his rookie season in 2004.

  Knowing that the Rams could use a top talent SS, does Sanders make sense?  If we would have to pay upwards of $3.5m/year to bring him aboard, would the two-time Pro Bowler and two-time First Team All-Pro warrant that kind of money?