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Julio Jones and the Rams, a match made in heaven, if heaven were run by Mike Mayock

Regardless of the evolving mock drafts from Mel Kiper and the other draft pundits, it's hard to get away from the idea of the St. Louis Rams drafting anyone but Alabama WR Julio Jones. That depends entirely on whether or Jones is available at #14 when the Rams pick. 

Jones-to-the-Rams talk makes sense because it's just such a bloody obvious need. The Rams finished their 2010 season with a ugly loss in prime time, their first prime time appearance in years. A big part of the reason for that loss was the obvious lack of talent at wide receiver. Receivers dropped passes all over the field that night, even normally reliable ones.

Of course, you might also remember that night Steve Spagnuolo's uber-conservative offensive approach was questioned on national television, and for some reason the Rams refused to run the ball despite some early success. That conservative approach to the offense, most notably the team's reluctance to throw beyond 5 yards, has been in part blamed on the lack of reliable options at receiver (as well as the youth and inexperience of Sam Bradford and the offensive line). Long story short: every since mock drafts and the pundits who make them have married off the Rams and Jones. I'm sure it would be A.J. Green if they had a higher draft pick. 

In a conference call today Mike Mayock form the NFL Network had this to say about the Rams and Jones:

If Julio's there, they probably sprint up to the podium with the card. He probably won't get past St. Louis

Again, not exactly a huge revelation, but some insight into the thinking among draft pundits and the direction they think the Rams should take. This year with the 14th pick, unlike say the first overall pick, we won't have much of any indication to tell us what the Rams draft plans are until the night of the first round...which means get ready for lots of wild speculation between now and April 28.

Bonus question: Is Mike Mayock the NFL Network's answer to Mel Kiper?