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Bradford reports to Rams Park

Impending lockout or not, this news should be music to the ears of every St. Louis Rams fan. Quarterback, 2010 Offensive Rookie of the Year and the franchise's last best hope for relevancy Sam Bradford was at Rams Parks today. 

Bradford was in the building today. He got in a workout and made sure to see the coaches, according to Jim Thomas at the PD. There was no indication of whether or not young Bradford sat down for a session with new offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. Rams Nation was thrown into great consternation last week when it Bradford revealed to The Oklahoman that he and McDaniels had still not had the chance to meet. His remarks might have drawn less scrutiny had the interview not included the quarterback expressing his "frustration" with having to learn a new offense in his second season in the league. The whole thing was probably a little overwrought, but anytime a star QB makes those comments in the same interview it will rightfully get some attention. 

I would be surprised if McDaniels and Bradford met for any considerable amount of time to start going over the new offense. Rams coaches are busy this week preparing for the NFL Scouting Combine. Hopefully the QB got an advance copy of McDaniels' playbook so he has something to study between ping pong games. He has the necessary reading glasses

If there's a lockout on March 4, this might be one of Bradford's last trips to Rams Park for a long, long time.