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Chargers use franchise tag on Vincent Jackson

Not exactly a huge surprise, but the San Diego Chargers will use the franchise tag to retain wide receiver Vincent Jackson. Just what exactly the franchise tag means remains to be seen. Tags are technically valid between now and March 3, when the current labor agreement expires officially. After that, the tag's meaning will have to be resolved as part of the negotiations. 

If free agency happens, the Chargers' decision to use the franchise tag on Jackson, which will pay him somewhere close to $11 million, likely means that WR Malcom Floyd will be looking for a new place to play. Floyd is also an unrestricted free agent this year. 

Floyd would be a good fit for the Rams, in our humble opinion, complementing the current receivers on the roster. Floyd also fits the mold for what Josh McDaniels likes in a receiver, a topic explored by ESPN's Mike Sando today. 

Speaking of free agency, one possible resolution for free agency in the CBA talks is that they get ordered back to their teams for 120 percent of the previous year's salary