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Rams free agents then and now: Fred Robbins

Since any and all talk about free agency at this point in time is just wishful speculation hinging on a labor deal, I thought it might be worth going back to free agency last year taking a look at what we said then versus the results on the field from the St. Louis Rams modestly successful 2010 season.

Let's start with DT Fred RobbinsHere's what we said on March 8, 2010:

Robbins will be playing in a rotation, so it's entirely possible the Rams can get some use out of him for a season or two. At 33, it's entirely possible that he will not be with the Rams for the third year of his contract.

Excuse me, did I underwhelm you? Robbins wasn't just a rotational cog, his addition and starting role dramatically changed the equation for the Rams' defensive front. His 6 sacks were the fourth highest total for an interior defensive lineman. 

You can't fault us too much for underselling Robbins. He had a sub-par 2009 season following knee surgery in that spring. People wondered just how much he had left after that.

What Robbins, who'll be 34 this year, has left for the coming season is the only question that matters at this point. Hopefully, Robbins can be just as much of a force this year as he was last year. Upgrading the DT on the line next to Robbins would be huge help to the entire unit.

Now, let's get this CBA fixed so we can be underwhelmed and then pleasantly surprised by the next round of free agents.