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Random Ramsdom, 2/14: Draftniks love links

random ramsdom 1
random ramsdom 1

Whew, it's been a crazy day, and now it's time to kick back with all the news that's fit to comment on for the St. Louis Rams and the 2011 NFL Draft. Let's hit the links.


Breaking down the first round
Did you know that there have been 40 wide receivers selected in the first round of the NFL Draft over the last ten years?

Tag central: Who will get them if game goes on?
The New England Patriots struck first today, making guard Logan Mankins the first player to receive the franchise tag this year. Of course, the franchise tag looks to mean absolutely nothing right now with the labor situation hanging in the balance. Teams have until Feb. 23 to apply the tag. The status of the tags will have to be resolved if the NFL and the NFLPA reach an agreement, something that doesn't seem likely. Valid tags or not, the St. Louis Rams don't have any players worthy of the tag's cost.

Valentine Gift Ideas for your NFL Draft Loving Husband 
The thoughtful fellas over at Mocking the Draft have some gift ideas for Valentine's Day, gifts for you from a loving, understanding special person willing to indulge your NFL draft obsession.

Missed by Everyone: True Draft Sleepers
Three small school prospects who got snubbed for a Combine invite, but could make a name for themselves regardless. The list includes a safety and a wide receiver.

2011 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Adrian Clayborn
Here's a scouting report from Walter Football on Clayborn. Right now, his draft stock is such that he's one of the players that could be available to the Rams at #14 or even in a trade down.

Under Armour signs Newton in record-breaking deal
Cam Newton's exact draft spot is still subject to much debate, but wherever his draft spot is he's already topped the deal Adidas gave Reggie Bush prior to his entry in the NFL Draft. Nice work if you can get it. Rookie wage scale, what rookie wage scale?