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St. Louis Rams interested in the Hall of Fame game

On August 6, 2011, two Rams franchise greats will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame: RB Marshall Faulk and LB Les Richter. Traditionally the HOF celebration is accompanied by the opening shot of preseason action with two teams facing off in the annual Hall of Fame game. Fox Sports is reporting that the St. Louis Rams have a strong interest in joining the festivities as one of the featured teams playing that night

This of course comes with the giant asterisk that hangs over all NFL events right now: the lockout. No football, no need for a preseason game. At the very least the Hall of Fame induction will continue. 

The last time the Rams played in the Hall of Fame game was 2001, when franchise greats Jackie Slater and Jack Youngblood were inducted. The Marvez article linked here notes that the teams selected usually have some tie-in with the inductees. Teams haven't been picked yet for this year's game. 

Another dose of the national spotlight for the up and coming Rams. Let's just hope there's football.