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St. Louis Rams fans, your help is needed

Fellow fans, I'm not at all sure how it happened, but TST is up for a 2011 Readers' Choice Award from

First, thanks to all the St. Louis Rams fans who enjoy this site. It's intended for the fans, I'm just here to ride heard on it on behalf of you guys and gals. You're under no obligation, but feel free to head over there and vote for TST...besides you don't want to let Chiefs or 49ers fans get the award do you?

I started this site in 2006, with the help of a young SBNation, of course. It's been a pretty good experience the whole time, though the product that the Rams were putting on the field was sometimes less than enjoyable to write about. That's why the fans on this site matter so much, without a community to kvetch with, there's no way it would have been worth it to stick around this long.

A big shout out to 3k who has been an indispensable part of the team here. I also need to add that 3k is stepping up his role here, joining as a full fledged editor.

And in other news, I just learned that I'm heading to the Combine next weekend. And you know we'll have all kinds of stuff for you from Indianapolis.