2011 Draft: You're the GM; Round 3

        Aight so in the first round we picked up Julio Jones, and luckily because I probably shouldn't have included his name in the list, we got OG Mike Pouncey, so let's just say he slipped because other OL prospects had killer combine performances.  Now which direction do we go at pick number 78?

        Lets see we need a Will, a SS, a DE, an RB, a DT, and we are venturing into an area murked by BPA strength in criteria.  I'll add 4 choices, and I think I may retain the option of throwing out the #1 choice if it's obvious that he won't be available at #78.  If you want me to ignore these rules let me have it in the comments.  I hesitate to put Bruce Carter in here so, I'll call the throw out rule the Pouncey Option, or PO from here on out.  Whether or not I do it will depend on what you all say.  In response to previous comments I threw in a TE and a CB, sorry only 1 of each.  Write ins welcome.