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Random Ramsdom, 2/12: 2011 NFL Draft scouting reports and more

Lots of prospect talk to digest as the 2011 NFL Draft gets closer.
Lots of prospect talk to digest as the 2011 NFL Draft gets closer.

Ok, just hang on, be's the first weekend without football, but TST is going to try and help you get through it. The St. Louis Rams might not be playing football again for quite some time, but that doesn't mean you can't start thinking about the next crop of draft picks. Here to help you think about those draft picks AND kill some time until lunch are a heapin' helpin' of delicious draft links to peruse. 

Scouting Tight Ends and Receivers
There are different kinds of Tight Ends and Receivers. This piece gives the amateur scout a brief overview of what to look for in each kind of player.

Oregon State DT Stephen Paea scouting report
Though a torn MCL ended his Senior Bowl early, Oregon State DT Stephen Paea has an outside shot to go through drills at the Combine. One scouting report likes what Paea can do on the inside, even lined up directly over center.

Amukamara surprised his speed is in question
Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara told Rob Rang that he was little surprised people questioned his 40 time.

Scouting the Offensive Line
We mentioned what to look for in tight ends and wide receivers; here's another post going through the basics of what scouts look for from offensive linemen prospects.

2011 NFL Draft rankings: 50-1 - Mocking The Draft
With postseason all-star games completed, it's a good time to revisit the site's 2011 NFL Draft overall rankings. (Note: Rankings aren't intended to predict draft placement) They've also got rankings through the top 200.

Prospects who should have stayed in school
Some interesting names on this list. These players could either belly flop in the NFL, or, maybe, with enough time and the right program they'll turn into reliable players. I guess we'll see.