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NFL lockout: No labor talks planned as of today

Friday afternoon, you're just about done slaving away in your cube, another week of being under-appreciated is almost done. To top it all off, you're only about an hour away from a stop off at the liquor store. Might be kind of hard to spoil your optimism, but if anything can the NFL - NFLPA labor negotiations can do it. 

Now that your heading toward a bipolar downswing and a liquor store purchase that will now surely involve a bag cuffed down over a bottle of Thunderbird, here's the bad news. No more CBA talks are planned right now, a mere 20 days before the March 4 deadline. That's according to Liz Mullen of the Sports Business Journal. In case contract law isn't your specialty, let me explain what that means: you can't have an agreement without any negotiations....and you can't have any pudding unless you eat your meat. 

Did I say you were going to purchase some T-bird? Maybe that's too celebratory to spend a weekend thinking about an impending lockout. Maybe you ought to think about purchasing a hallucination-inducing Magnum 40