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Will the Rams take a chance on a troubled wide receiver this off-season

The St. Louis Rams have big decisions to make at the wide receiver position. The biggest decision the Rams have to make is how do they improve their receiving corp. It would be easy to say that the Rams should resign Mark Clayton and draft a WR in the upcoming NFL Draft, but it's never that easy in this business. Although Mark Clayton has said that he is ahead of schedule in his rehab it's impossible to say that Clayton and often injured Donnie Avery will be  play makers  next season .

I doubt that the Rams will try to get any of these players if they draft a WR in the first three rounds of the draft. The thing is that even though these players are troublemakers, ego manics, or have just made dumb decisions, these WR's can get more than 800 yards a season and take pressure off of the WR's the Rams currently have. So without further ado here are the best of the troublemakers. [Note by T.Ram, I was close to adding Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes, but I realized that the Rams wouldn't take a chance on those two. ] 

T.O (2010 Stats) Age 37, Rec 72, Yards 983, TDs 9, longest catch 78 yards, catches 20 yards or longer 15.

Whats Bad  about him: Where do I start? Well they call him a QB killer, he is very vocal, and he craves attention, also drops a lot of balls.

I have been an advocate for T.O the last couple of years. He might be the grandpa of WR's, but he can still make plays. T.O might have lost a step or two but he still is a good player. He would be a solid WR that can take some pressure off of the other guys. At this point in his career he most likely won't get double teamed as much, but as long as he can make plays he would be of solid use to the Rams.


Randy Moss (2010 Stats) Age 33, Rec 28, Yards 393, TDs 5, longest catch 37 yards, catches 20 yards or longer 6.

Whats Bad about him: He doesn't have a great work ethic, when he is on a bad team he doesn't try, he isn't very nice to food caters.

It's hard to say if Randy Moss still has it especially after what happened last season. However with all that being said if the Rams can get off to a win streak Moss will be excited to play. When Moss is happy I wouldn't want to have anyone else as a number one WR. When Moss run streaks he still commands double teams, and he can still make the big plays. However Moss might not be worth the gamble if the Rams aren't going to have a good season in 2011.

Chad Johnson (2010 Stats) Age 33, Rec 67, Yards 831, TDs 4, longest catch 42 yards, catches 20 yards or longer 9.

Whats Bad about him: The worst thing about Chad is his personality, he is very vocal and can come off as arrogant at times.

Chad Johnson who doesn't love this guy? He embodies the lost art of this sport showboating. This guy can be a headache at times, but he is a complete team player. Somethings he do might rub some people the wrong way but I think that coach Spags could handle him for two years. He might not be the best player but he is always consistent.  I think last season with T.O brought out the best of Chad. Often last season Chad defended his team, and he always did whatever it took to quiet T.O, plus he is changing his name back to Johnson.

Vincent Jackson (2010 Stats) Age 28, Rec 14, Yards 248, TDs 3, longest catch 58 yards, catches 20 yards or longer 4.

Whats Bad about him: He has two DUI's and one more of them he will have to sit out a year.

I can't think of many people who don't want Vincent Jackson on their team. Jackson didn't play many games last season because of injuries, his suspension, and his contract dispute. However Jackson showed his play making abilities against the 49ers, with his 5 receptions, 112 yards, and 3 TDs. If the Rams are lucky enough to get Jackson he could be a great long term player. 

Steve Smith (2010 Stats) Age 31, Rec 46, Yards 554, TDs 2, longest catch 39 yards, catches 20 yards or longer 7.

Whats Bad about him: Smith is vocal, he l been in at least two fights in his career,and only played a full season twice in his career.

Yes, I know that he is still under contract with the Panthers but their were rumors about him getting cut or traded. He isn't the best player but the Rams might be able to get him for a cheap price. Smith has never had a good quarterback, but I think that he would look good in a Rams uniform. He has been a play maker for years, but he is a good leader, and I think that him and Spags would get along good.