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Blackout! Popular streaming sites seized by government

Rough day for NFL fans. First, a ruling gives the league and owners much better positioning at the bargaining table by ruling that the lockout insurance is legit, and now two popular online video streaming sites have been seized by the U.S. Government. and were sites that linked to broadcasts of NFL games and plenty of other television shows. I'm not sure if this applies to or not, but did not actually host copyrighted material, it embedded from other sites that did so.

Yes, both of these sites operate in a gray area of broadcasting copyright law, "gray area" probably being a little generous. Nevertheless, lots of people used those sites, not that we would ever endorse such behavior, but it is notable and worth comment given just how popular they were.

It's nothing more than coincidence, but what a coincidence it is that these two services get shutdown the same day the NFL won a big decision regarding its own broadcast revenues...and just a few days after the Egyptian government cut off internet access to unsuccessfully quell a peaceful revolution in their country, not popular uprising against tyranny is the same as popular ways around the tyranny of blackouts.