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Special master says NFL can keep lockout insurance

NFL owners just got a big gift from Special Master Stephen Burbank today. Burbank refused to block the league's access to guaranteed television revenues which they'll get even in the event of a lockout...lockout insurance.

For those of you keeping score at home, that's a huge win for owners. It leaves them with their chief measure of leverage in the CBA negotiations, protecting their revenue (some of them) in the event of a work stoppage next year. 

The NFLPA challenged the guaranteed TV contracts, taking their case to the special master along with a collusion case. 

The NFL says that it would have to pay back the lockout insurance money with interest if games aren't played.

Statements from both sides and more in-depth information about the ruling are expected soon. We'll have more. For now, it's another bad sign for anyone wondering whether or not we'll have football after this week's Super Bowl. 

Regardless of what side you're on here, remember, it's you and me, the fans, who really lose here. 

Stay tuned.

NFLPA plans to appeal the ruling.