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NFLPA Bowl players to watch

In case you forgot, there's another draft prospects all-star game happening this week: The NFLPA Bowl, Texas vs. the Nation. 

While it invites all kinds of Texas versus the nation jokes, it's also another opportunity to see 2011 NFL Draft prospects in action. It's also the event that ironically enough a major network partner with the NFL won't allow the NFLPA to air an advertisement. 

Back to the prospects. The internet and fandom have expanded the profile of games like this and scrutinizes players right down to the fringe of undrafted rookie free agency. It's a veritable Renaissance for draftniks. There are plenty of mid-round picks on display here, and that means potential breakout players or maybe a sleeper pick or two. 

Today, players weighed-in and will practice later this afternoon.

Rob Rang has his list of the top ten players from the Texas and Nation rosters. Some players from Rang's list to keep in mind this week:

Tennessee WR Denarius Moore - He's a deep threat who recorded two 200-yard games with the Vols this year, certainly enough to merit scouts' consideration.

Texas Tech DT Colby Whitlock - A guy that was able to get penetration on the inside in college. Can some NFL team coach him up, and bulk him up, into a pro contributor? The Rams have done wonders with fringe DTs before.

Pitt S Dom DeCicco - A guy we mentioned earlier this week that's included on Rang's list. 

Wes Bunting has a NFLPA game preview too with five players to watch. On his list: Missouri C Tim Barnes could be a middle or late round pick as the Rams start to seek interior linemen to backup the hefty contracts, er, players manning the middle now. Iowa WR Derrell Johnson-Koulianos is one of those guys with skills and a heap of character issues to overcome. 

Here are the weigh-in results