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Fantasy Football Over and Under Achievers

Hello Fantasy Football Fans,

It is playoff week, and here is the next installment of what will be a weekly rundown on who I think will over or under perform their weekly rankings from ESPN. I am not going to list too many since you should be starting the guys who got you to the playoffs unless thet have an awful matchup. Last week we went 7-3 in the Overachievers and 6-3 for underachievers. Let’s get to the rankings:


· Philip Rivers (11)- No int’s in the last 2 weeks and gets the Bill defense

· Tony Romo (7) and Eli Manning (6)- This is an expected shootout, start them both.

· Rex Grossman (13)- It’s all about playing the Patriots.

· Toby Gerhart (33)- It is not looking good for Adrian Peterson and they get to play the toothless Lions defense.

· Maurice Morris (31)- Kevin Smith is out again.

· Mike Williams (27)- He has been coming on and should get better with Josh Freeman back.

· Santana Moss (27)- He plays the Patriots, easy decision here.

· Julio Jones (23)- He got 11 targets last week and has the tasty Panthers coming up.

· Michael Crabtree (22)- Another matchup that I like when he gets the Cardinals.


· Michael Vick (8)- He is rusty and has to play the all of a sudden Dolphins defense.

· Reggie Bush (13)- This seems way too high.

· BenJavrvus Green Ellis- There is no way I would take a chance with him.

· Steven Jackson (21)- They may put 11 in the box this week and the Seahawks are excellent against the run.

· Beanie Wells (23)- This is a tough sit but the 49ers do not give up rushing TD’s

· Mike Tolbert (27) -If you take a chance here you need a TD since Matthews gets all the carries.

· Percy Harvin (13)- His migraines are back and may not have a QB with Ponder out.

· Brandon Lloyd (20)- 2 words Tom Brandstator.

· Santonio Holmes (24)- He has not topped 60 yards in forever.

· Dwayne Bowe (27)- 2 more words Tyler Palko.

Please feel free to contact me on Twitter dvond with any questions.

Good Luck!