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Random Ramsdom 12/9


Hey everybody! The Rams appear to be preparing for Monday's game without Sam Bradford. Ryan did report that the Rams are willing to start Sam with no practice. I still see it as unlikely that Sam will be heathy enough to play Sunday, and in all honesty, I'm hoping he isn't. The Rams' offensive line is now horrendous. Against the Seahawks front four, it's unlikely they will be able to protect the QB well. I would rather see Sam not take those hit. On to the links.

Chris Long, a bright spot

Jim Thomas for the Sporting News reported that Chris Long has been of the bright spots for a Rams' defense that is really struggling this year. He has 12 sacks, 3rd in the league. He should make the pro-bowl with those number, but he won't get in with the fan vote. Rams' rarely do. He will have to make it either by the players or the coaches. This has definitely been a breakout year for Chris Long, as he has joined the elite of pass rushers.

Rams and QBs

The Rams' keep adding QBs. Sam is likely out for this week and AJ Feeley is definitely out this week, with a broken thumb. The Rams resigned Tom Brandstater to the active roster, claimed Kellen Clemens off of waivers, and signed Mark Gutirrez to the practice squad. Things have really changed at this position where the Rams only had two QBs in the beginning of the year.

Sam Bradford missed practice yesterday

For the second day in a two, Bradford didn't practice. Above I did mention that the Rams would play him without practice, but I wonder how healthy that ankle is. I don't think he will be able to go and the start of the Tom Brandstater era will begin.

That's all for today. Yes it's only three links, but with the sad new of Pujols leaving St. Louis for LA yesterday, not many sports writers wrote about the sorry Rams. Have a good one and GO RAMS!!