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Sam Bradford Injury: Rams Willing To Start QB Without Practice This Week

Sam Bradford missed practice again yesterday, for the second day in a row. Practice reps, however, will not be a deciding factor for St. Louis Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo in making a decision about Bradford for Monday night's game against the Seahawks. How Bradford feels on his ankle will be the deciding factor for the Rams.

Yesterday, Spagnuolo explained his comfort with Bradford starting this week.

We wouldn't be opposed to it as long as we felt he was healthy enough. I think he's far enough along in the system, that he could function and be fine. But the first thing obviously, is that we're just trying to get the foot as healthy as possible.

Bradford's familiarity with the system is, of course, debatable. The bigger question for Bradford depends on the status of the offensive line, which again figures to be sporting a brand new incarnation. Seattle has one of the league's lowest sack rates, but they managed to get to Bradford five times in their last game.