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2012 NFL Draft: Matt Kalil Still Undecided

Those who had USC offensive tackle atop their 2012 NFL Draft wish list for the St. Louis Rams were dealt a crushing blow this morning with a report that said Kalil was planning to stay at USC for his senior season. Since then, Kalil has clarified things, telling the media that he is "not close to making a decision," according to a report in the Los Angeles Times. Kalil got his first taste of NFL Draft mayhem today, and Rams fans thinking Kalil for the second pick got a reprieve.

I woke up to mayhem. I guess it was kind of a glimpse of what's going to be happening.

I'm not close to making a decision. That will probably happen in the next couple weeks. No decision has been made. I just started thinking about the process I'm going to go through to make the decision.

Kalil has filed the paperwork to the draft advisory board, which gives prospects a ballpark estimate of their NFL readiness and where they might be drafted. Kalil's decision might be tied to what quarterback Matt Barkley decides to do regarding the draft.